The Benefits of Custom Logo Floor Mats

A custom logo mat is a unique and affordable way to get your brand noticed. Placed in entrances, hallways, and staff entrances, these rugs make a lasting impression and help to reinforce your company’s message and brand image.

The Benefits of Custom Logo Floor Mats

When you order a custom logo floor mat from Ultimate Mats, we will design your door mat with your business name or logo. We will make your mat to your specifications, including size and orientation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every made-to-order mat you buy! We manufacture the best quality custom logo floor mats in the industry.

Our custom logo mats are designed to provide superior slip resistance and durability for any indoor or outdoor application. In addition, the heavy-duty nitrile rubber backing and borders provide excellent traction, even when wet. These custom mats are molded with a pyramid top and knob back to create the perfect combination of scraper ridges for excellent traction and a scratch-resistant surface. They also feature a professionally surged nylon edge for a neat, finished look.

The best choice for high-traffic commercial entryways!

They feature your company’s logo, slogan, or important safety messaging. These mats are ideal for class-A buildings and other heavily trafficked commercial spaces. These custom logo mats use a patented razor-cut inlay process to produce sharp, clear images. In addition, they are backed with 100% commercial-grade Nitrile rubber to provide advanced slip-resistance and moisture control for long-lasting flooring protection.

The Berber Supreme Recessed Logo Floor Mat is one of our most popular designs for a reason! This nitrile rubber custom logo floor mat features a distinctive Berber pattern to help trap dirt and debris. It also features a free setup and image proofing of your logo.

This is our best-selling nitrile rubber custom logo floor mat, the most common mat used by businesses and schools. At Ultimate Mats, we offer a variety of different styles of custom logo mats. These are all nitrile rubber backed and include water dam borders that hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, so dirt and water can be contained on the mat rather than on the floor.

Final Words

The Logo Floor Mats are heavy-duty nitrile rubber custom logo floor mats that complement the traditional Waterhog Logo Floor Mats by acting as a first line of defense just outside the entrance. These nitrile rubber logo mats are constructed from industrial-grade, 100% nitrile rubber and feature a bi-level surface that scrapes shoes clean while containing dirt and water within the containment borders.

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