Signs You Need to Replace Your Entryway Mats

Commercial floor mats will eventually reach the absolute end of their wear-and-tear capacity whether you like it or not. Despite this, you’ll always come across business owners who are unwilling to let go of their custom logo mats. Some do it for the sheer love of the mats while others are not yet to ready to invest in new ones.

Either way, this is a purchase decision you will eventually have to deal with for the logo rug to serve you effectively. And knowing when to replace them is as important as making the first purchase. Here are telltale signs of wear depicting that your mats are not functioning well and that you should already start looking for a replacement.

Enough Time Has Lapsed

The ideal time to check for signs of aging in logo mats is the first year. Most rubber and foam mats have at least one year of usage capacity. This is mostly the case with those that see heavy foot traffic and are often wet like wet area mats and scraper mats. The same goes for PVC sponge anti-fatigue mats.

Things tend to be different with molded vinyl and the more durable urethane mats since they can give you five years of use. Nevertheless, it is still best to keep a lookout after the first 12 months, especially for heavy-duty use.

Dirt Forms Under Them

Scraper mats are designed to trap dirt on the surface and protect the floor underneath. In the event that you see more and more grime underneath your custom rag after regular cleaning, there is a good chance your custom logo mats are no longer efficiently trapping dirt. Moreover, they are no longer offering protection to your floors like they are supposed to. In this case, you’re better off having them replaced.

Cleaning Becomes Difficult

Most custom logo mats require a weekly deep vacuuming treatment. Outdoor logo mats and dirt scrapers also need pressure treatment every so often. When these reliable regular cleanings take longer than the norm and dirt accumulation is more and more impossible to remove, it’s high time you run to your trusted commercial floor mat supplier for a replacement.

They Start Losing Traction

All logo mats, and not just anti-slip mats, come equipped with some level of rubber backing to prevent slips. Slips mean the rubber tracking that should offer traction is slowly chipping away and may become more hazardous than helpful. The smallest chip is a clear indication it’s time to replace your custom logo mats!

Final Thoughts

Never should you delay replacing your floor mats as soon as you notice the first signs of wear and tear! Protect yourself from the risks and costs of overworn, overused logo mats. Learn more about mat replacement and cost-efficient commercial floor mats with Ultimate Mats! Get in touch with them today to speak with any of their experts about your replacement options. That’s what you need to put your custom logo mats into the best of uses.

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