Everything You Need to Know about Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

This 2023, shaker-style cabinets boast the title of the most-searched cabinetry designs. They are coming out in trendier styles that homeowners seem not to get enough of. In this article, our focus is on the most distinguishable modern-style shaker cabinets-slim shaker kitchen cabinets.

Continue reading to explore everything about slim shaker cabinets and find out whether or not you can choose them for your next kitchen interior decoration project.

What are Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Unlike traditional shaker-style cabinets, slim shaker kitchen cabinets specifically stand out courtesy of ingeniously narrowed stiles and rails adorning minimalist finishes. Another noticeable highlight of these modern-style drawers is their thin but simple-looking and elegant doors.

Generally speaking, the simple-looking design structure of slim shaker cabinets dates back to time-out-of-bounds-the 17th century, the period during which shaker-style cabinets were invented. Their artistic design draws inspiration from a 17th century religious sect that was by then commonly known as the Shakers, thanks to their acts of shaking violently during prayers.

Like different varieties of shaker cabinets, slim shaker cabinet designs are popular for the following characteristics;

  1. Multiple Design Options

Like a vast majority of shaker cabinets, slim shaker cabinets come in varieties. While the majority of them are generally modern-looking, you can easily find traditional-style slim shaker kitchen cabinets if you liaise with interior design professionals and cabinet manufacturers.

Besides styling, slim shaker cabinets come in a myriad of colors, from black to green, cream, and white, as well as color combinations like black and white, cream and black, green and black and so on. Because they give homeowners opportunities to access numerous design options, slim shaker cabinets have secured a top place among top-trending cabinets in 2023.

  • Simplified Interior Design

According to interior designers, homeowners who choose shaker-style cabinets, including slim shaker kitchen cabinets, can simplify their interior design project by half. Believe it or not! This is a fact. Slim shaker cabinets can match both traditional and modern interior design aesthetics, thanks to their minimalist appearance.

Besides, with their simple outlook, slim shaker-style cabinets are generally easier to style. Unlike the majority of modern cabinets, slim shaker cabinets do not need blends of sophisticated accessories, material mixes, and so on, to stand out.

  • Durability

Slim shaker-style cabinets are also admired all over for their durability. Because they are simply-structured, slim cabinets are boast minimal susceptibility to incessant damages of prolonged use. Considering that a vast majority of slim shaker cabinets exclusively feature natural wood as the sole material, strength and resilienceare attributes nobody can deny.

With slim shaker cabinets inside your cookhouse, you will have to say goodbye to constant but expensive cabinet repairs or unplanned kitchen renovation exercises. Because they are outstandingly durable, slim shaker cabinets can fetch good resale prices if you take good care of them.

Are Slim Shaker Cabinets Perfect for a Modern Kitchen?

With an epic history that dates back to time immemorial, slim shaker cabinets are more often judged as cabinet designs meant for traditional-style interiors. The truth, however, is that slim shaker-stylecupboards can perfectly match the visual design aesthetics of any modern-style kitchen interior if you do the following.

  • Keep Everything Simple

To align slim shaker kitchen cabinets with modern visual design aesthetics, you need to focus on simplicity. This implies not only working with simple colors but also leveraging unsophisticated décor items. Because of their simpler outlooks, slim shaker cabinets require unnecessary detailing or ornamentation.

  • Incorporate Natural Wood Tones

One strategy that interior designers always recommend when it comes to simplifying the outlook of an interior with slim shaker cabinets is the incorporation of natural wood tones. With their naturalness, wood finishes can complement the simple-looking design appearance of slim cabinets making them seem bold and stately.

The notable areas in which you can incorporate varieties of natural wood finishes include kitchen flooring and furniture, cabinet countertops, as well as kitchenware and accentual features, just to mention a few.

  • Go for the Latest Modern-Style Slim Shaker Cabinets

Rather than spend all your time trying to match traditional slim cabinets with modern kitchen interior design aesthetics, you can simply go for the latest varieties of these drawers. Modern-style slim kitchen cabinets come with features that are all about modern fashion.

These include parts with industrial materials, for example, metallic accessories and fixtures, all of which make them harmonious with modern interior design aesthetics. They also come in an array of colors, stemming from the common traditional neutral colors like black and white to industrial and more contemporary tones.

Should I Buy Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Of course yes! There are proven reasons why you need to install slim shaker cabinets inside your kitchen. The main reasons are;

#1: Value for Money

As we have mentioned earlier, slim shaker kitchen cabinets are not just easy to take care of but superbly durable as well. For this reason, they defeat a myriad of cabinetry designs in terms of providing better value for money. These shaker-style drawers can never waste your money in terms of repairs plus they are economical in terms of styling.

#2: Effortless Kitchen Remodel

Because they are simply designed and so, easier to style, slim shaker cabinets offer immense opportunities for effort-free kitchen remodel exercises. They are generally some of the types of kitchen cabinets that don’t necessarily require sophisticated ornamentation to have enhanced appearance and so, enhance the appearance of an interior.

Where Can I Find Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets for Sale

You can find slim shaker kitchen cabinets on various accredited online shopping sites or furniture showrooms in your location. More often, they are sold and shipped either as fullyassembled or RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets. To buy the best slim shaker cabinet designs, simply do the following;

  • Consult interior designers
  • Know the interior design specifics of your kitchen
  • Determine your kitchen interior design preferences
  • Consider reviewing the design features of various cabinets, for example, material quality, color, shape, etc.

Final Thoughts

As homeowners and interior designers alike continue to demonstrate their attraction for shaker-style cabinet designs, slim shaker kitchen cabinetshave swiftly come to the limelight. At the moment, they are popular as the most distinguishable varieties of shaker-style kitchen cabinets. From usage to maintenance and practicability in interior design, slim shaker cabinets are unquestionably valuable; hence, worthy of your attention, whether you are a homeowner or interior designer.

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